Boring and milling

We can perform medium and large size precision machining, the company boasts a modern and innovative machine park: various CNC milling and boring machines with a working range of up to 10.000 x 3500 mm.

All machines are programmed with the most modern CAD-CAM cutting edge systems, we constantly introduce innovative tools that allow significant reductions to be made in terms of cost and time.

Due to their technical characteristics and dimensions, the needs of special processes that currently require the use of more differentiated machines can be met.

Large scale turning

Within our workshop we can perform the turning of your parts making use of our lathes with a useful working range of D.1600×13000 or D.2500×1600.

Small scale processing

We are also able to make use of a number of carefully selected suppliers to complement supplies with pieces of modest size ensuring equal quality and service at low cost.