and testing

Control and testing department

CMAA has always focused on the quality of its products.

With the aim of pursuing continuous improvement and reducing faults, CMAA has constantly strengthened and structured the Quality Control department so as to control all the items produced in its workshops, incoming or in transit from carefully selected suppliers to certify all stages of the processing of material treatments, coatings and surface finishes.

This system makes it possible to control all activities performed in acceptance, during the processing and material output stage.

The Quality Control Department of CMAA is equipped with advanced instruments to perform dimensional checks, with laser systems and with all the necessary tools to conduct any checks required. It also makes use of specialized companies for destructive and non-destructive materials, fillers and welding.

Tests and functional testing

The Customer can request functional tests on the basis of their specifications which will be carried out by our technical staff or in collaboration with the Customer’s own staff in order to acquire all the necessary information so that the same operating conditions can be recreated within the company.